Shungite -n- Gemstone Crystal Energy Water and Tea Bottle

This Crystal Energy Water Bottle goes further than traditional water bottles. By immersing the cleansing properties of black shungite with the healing properties of gemstones into your drinking water – this simple water bottle now provides enhanced “structured” water and tea.


Shungite is selected for inclusion due to its’ amazing cleansing, energy balancing, and protection properties.

Available in four gemstone infusions: Yellow Citrine – energy; Green Aventurine – abundance and healing; Black Onyx – protection; and Purple Amethyst – intuition.

* Eco-friendly durable 16 oz.
* BPA free, high borosilicate glass
* Stainless steel screw on top and bottom
* Tea strainer insert
* Bottle sleeve
* It is best to allow some sunshine into your Crystal Water Bottle.

This is Structured Water

Structured water is the symbiotic arrangements of molecules that arise whenever water is near hydrophilic (affinity to water) surfaces.

Water is the source of life. It is a giving and receiving medium. It cleanses, refreshes, and renews… and new discoveries report that water has consciousness, has memory, and carries information – not only through the tributaries of Mother Earth but through the tributaries of the body.

Chemists have long recognized water as a substance having unusual and unique properties, stemming from the tendency of water molecules to form polymeric units (clusters). The internal connections of these clusters are highly malleable. In other words – water flows through life in many and varied ways.

Placing gemstones adjacent to water creates a symbiotic relationship which allows the healing benefits of gemstones to enter into the water. Say a blessing and drink deeply.

All types of water benefit from gemstone structured water – though purified, distilled and spring water are preferable to tap water. Fresh spring water is already structured from the high pressures in deep aquifers. However, even spring water is reported to lose its’ structure after about 30 days of being bottled. These gemstone water bottles are highly unique in that they create and maintain wholesome, life giving structure to water under all conditions.

Write an affirmation on a slip of paper, tuck it in with the gemstones… and drink deeply.

The intent is very clear…

  the cup is never half empty,

      nor ever half full.

It is always overflowing,

   so drink deeply.

Drink from this Fountain of Life

   with crystal clarity.

Here’s to a healthy body

   and a healthy planet.


Green Aventurine, Yellow Citrine, Purple Amethyst, Black Onyx


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