Sandalwood, Golden Indian

reminiscent of Mysore Sandalwood

Starting at: $6.00


Golden Indian Sandalwood Essence Oil

three times the price as shown in the pictures above

“I enjoyed all the other samples I ordered, they all are beautiful in  their own way. My favourite – is freesia floral and the other sweeter note as well, till I discovered sandalwood… I have no words to describe how amazing this scent is…I would never believed that the essence can do such a thing! Thank you for the opportunity to experience one of the best moments! Thankfully, Jolanta” (Ireland)

Description: vibrantly sweet sandalwood aroma; light yellow color; very thick consistency

Energetics: expansive, meditative

Aromatherapy properties: calms mind & emotions, meditative, relaxing, relieves depression & stress

Uses of fragrance oil include:

  • Freshen up the Household – Add a few drops of Indian Sandalwood Essence Oil on a tissue for placement in drawers and closets. Place a few drops of oil inside the trash can, laundry wash, drain, dryer sheet, potpourri, or vacuum bag filter.
  • Diffusing: One of the best ways to infuse the healing aromas into the atmosphere is through diffusion. It can be as simple as adding a few drops of oil on an upright light bulb, on a light bulb ring or in a lit candle. Other methods include using a plug-in car or room diffuser. One of the more common methods is using an aromatherapy oil disffuser and pendant diffuser.
  • Massage – Create a massage oil scent simply add a few drops oil to 1 ounce carrier oil such as Grapeseed oil or Sweet Almond oil base. Keep away from eyes and genital areas.
  • Bath – Add a few drops of oil to running warm bath water and mix well before getting into the tub. Experience a wonderfully scented bath soak.
  • Product Scenting – Create scented products by adding oils to un-scented base products such as shampoo, liquid soap base, body lotion base, room spray base, moisturizing body gel base.
  • …and of course as a fragrance perfume body oil to smell just truly wonderful.


Information on how essence oils are extractedEssence oils are blends derived from flowers, barks, leaves, roots or resins… read more

One may come across unbelievably good offers for oils which may believably be a sacrifice in quality for quantity… Experience quality essence oils at truly reasonable prices.

Bottle Size

$6 – Tester Vial, $18 – Standard 1/8oz, $21 – Plain Octagon 1/8oz, $21 – Small Pond 1/8oz, $27 – Short Roll-On 1/8 oz., $30 – Standard 1/4 oz., $45 – Standard Special w/Dipstick 1/3oz, $48 – Tall Roll-On 1/3oz, $48 – Plain Octagon w/Dipstick 1/3 oz, $54 – Spray Bottle 1/3oz, $75 – The Flask 1/2oz, $78 – Flat Tapered Roll-On 1/2oz, $120 – The Gift Box 1oz, $120 – The Tower 1oz, $135 – 1 Ounce Roll-On, $150 – Diamond Cut Spray 1oz, $195 – Diamond Cut 2oz, $195 – Crystal Clear 2oz, $195 – Plastic Squeeze Top 2oz, $198 – Globe Top Top 2oz, $330 – Plastic Squeeze Top 4oz, $18 – Amber Glass Bottle 1/4oz, $78 – Amber Color Bottle 1/2oz, $210 – Amber Color Bottle 2oz.

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    Colleen F.
    US US
    Great purchase. I ordered more of this essence.

    I love the scent. Very calming. I have received positive comments from co-workers on how nice my perfume is.

    One of the best.

    Truly beautiful scent! Amazing:) I believe it is not for people who uses artificial fragrances, as they may not be able to discover such a delicate notes. I am loving it! Thank you! Highly recommend for those who love sandalwood. Do not waist your time looking for even something similar to this. Gorgeus!

    Jolanta J.
    LT LT

    I am sorry to tell you, that I did not received it yet and think that it will be held in customs do to liquid. Neve had an issue in Ireland with receiving post. Will order from there in the future. Thank you.

    Edward M.
    US US
    no bang for my buck

    expensive for product I received./

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