~ Reverend Nazirmoreh’s Meditation Painting Originals

Starting at: $20.00

Reverend Nazirmoreh’s Meditation Painting Originals

Flat Panel Canvas paintings with two small sticky strips on backs for placing safely on wall.

Each painting is absolutely one of a kind. Available in three sizes. For meditation, contemplation.

The Reverend (A.B.R.D.) will hand pick one just for your being. It is recommended that you enter in the comments field on the order form when checking –  your  hopes,  dreams, aspirations, goals, longings… thoughts of a positive nature. This  soul information will add shape and meaning to the painting selected. These paintings are of a meditative nature.

If not 100% satisfied, a full refund will be given.

Painting Size

Small 5 x 7 inches – $20, Medium 8 x 10 inches – $25, Large 9 x 11 inches – $30


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