Purple Label Standard Line

… hand dipped incense sticks …

large selection of traditional fragrances – 40 hand dipped fragrances – if you are looking for IT, it’s probably here



Purple Label Incense

Standard Line

clean smelling, relaxing

Hand dipped incense – 
20 sticks per pack, 11″ long
Available only through
The Purple People”
Weight 0.5 oz
Standard Line Selection

Green African Musk, Blue Nile, Black Coconut, Chanel #5 type, Cherry, China Musk, China Rain, Coco Mango, Cool Water type, CK-1 type, Drakkar Noir type, Egyptian Musk, Eternity type, Escape type, Frankincense, Frankincense and Myrrh, Gardenia, Giorgio type, Halston type, Jasmine, Joop type, Kush, Lavender, Love, Love Supreme, Melkah, Myrrh, Night Queen, Opium, Patchouly, Rain, Red, Sandalwood, Somali Rose, Strawberry, Vanilla