Oak Moss Essential Oil

 attracts abundance; expectorant, eases breathing

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Oak Moss Absolute Essential Oil**

(Evernia prunastri) France
flowery, wet woods, earthy aroma

Offering the finest quality therapeutic grade essential oils

** double price oil

Aromatherapy properties  attracts abundance; expectorant, eases breathing; skin regeneration, heals wounds 

Oak Moss oil is derived from a kind of moss or lichen that grows on the branches of Oak trees. The essential oil of Oak Moss is extracted first by the solvent extraction method, which first yields a concrete, and then is completed by a vacuum distillation method.

Oak Moss Essential Oil is soothing to any type of inflammation or irritation. It is soothing to skin and keeps it smooth and soft by maintaining the moisture and oil balance of the skin. Similarly, it has soothing effects on the digestive system and gives relief from scratches, wounds, inflammations and irritations in the esophagus, stomach, and the intestines that are often caused by acidity, highly spicy food, or the ingestion of some irritating or poisonous material. It also soothes irritations and inflammations in the brain and the nervous system. It has soothing effects on mucous membranes and the excretory tracts that might have suffered scratches, inflammations, and irritation due to constipation, acidity, spices, and wounds due to undigested substances and hard bowels.
The essential oil of Oak Moss is a powerful expectorant. It pulls out phlegm and catarrh and gives relief from the associated symptoms. Oak Moss oil is also restorative. It diminishes the effect of damage done by aging and other daily wear and tear taking place in the body by speeding up their healing and restoring them back to their healthy state. It is used in soaps, skin care products, sprays and many similar cosmetics mainly due to its antiseptic and demulcent properties. This oil is also known for its fixative value.
Blending: Oak Moss Oil blends well with cypress, geranium, lavender, neroli, and patchouli essential oils.
Essential Oil Bottles

$4 – tester vial, $10 – green glass 5/8 dram, $12 – amber color bottle 1/8 oz., $30 – 1/3 oz. clear glass with applicator top, $36 – 1/3 oz. cobalt blue w/ dropper, $52 – 1/2 oz. amber colored bottle w/ dropper top, $140- 2 oz. amber colored bottle w/ dropper top, $120 – 1.7 oz. (50ml) cobalt blue w/ dropper, $210 – 3.4 (100ml) cobalt blue w/ dropper

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