Nippon Kodo Coils



Nippon Kodo brand-
Avail. in 3 scents. 6 pieces per kit. 2 HOURS PER COIL. Includes specially designed burner.

Free: blackcurrant, prune, watermelon

Pure: red berry, grapefruit, pine needle

Spirit: green tea, lemon, peppermint

Work and meditate, meditate and work is a key ingredient in every aspect of life here at Nahziryah Monastic Community under the guidance and direction of our Spiritual Teacher  – Reverend Nazirmoreh (ABRD). Every item is offered in service – carrying a peaceful resonance,  much love and deep respect. Nippon Kodo Coil Incense Kit can be purchased from various sources true,  or… as has been felt by many familiar with the items  offered by NMC, one can buy Nippon Kodo Coil Incense Kit from The Purple People!  (a name many have come to call us over many years because they see purple in our presence – from bottom to top)

“It’s an experience in purple… It’s a purple experience!

Weight0.5 oz

Free: blackcurrant, prune, watermelon, Pure: red berry, grapefruit, pine needle, Spirit: green tea, lemon, peppermint

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