Morning Star Joss Incense 200

200 sticks, tile holder included, ten fragrances to choose from


Morning Star Incense

Japanese Joss Incense Sticks

200 sticks per box ~ tile holder included

“It is WONDERFUL to have found a place from which to purchase my beloved Morning Star Joss sticks. The shop at which I previously purchased these items has long since gone out of business and I have never seen them offered for sale anywhere else. Thank you for your website. It is also very easy to use.” M. T. (NJ)

Joss sticks are  wonderfully formed incense, very refreshing and pleasant. Made without the use of a stick in the middle, they burn very clean – so much so that some are specially formulated to put out very little smoke, while others put out a relaxing mist of smoke.

Work and meditate, meditate and work is a key ingredient in every aspect of life here at Nahziryah Monastic Community under the guidance and direction of our Spiritual Teacher  – Reverend Nazirmoreh (ABRD). Every item is offered in service – carrying a peaceful resonance,  much love and deep respect. Morning Star Joss Incense in the large box can be purchased from various sources true,  or… as has been felt by many familiar with the items  offered by NMC, one can buy Morning Star Joss Incense in the large box from The Purple People!  (a name many have come to call us over many years because they see purple in our presence – from bottom to top).

Weight0.5 oz
Fragrance List

Amber, Cedarwood, Jasmine, Lavender, Musk, Patchouli, Rose, Vanilla


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