Himalayan Herbal Coals


Himalayan Herbal Coals

Replaces charcoal discs – all natural. Made from various herbs and woods, pressed into convenient strips of six coals. Made by Nepal cottage industry.

Himalayan Herbal Dhoop Coals are made from dried herbs and woods. No chemicals or harmful additives are used. The label is hand printed on handmade paper following a centuries old tradition.

Directions: Break off a piece of dhoop coal, and hold with one hand while lighting the opposite corner until it flames. Allow the coal to flame until a portion is hot enough to smolder. A steady stream of smoke will rise. Place the coal in a fireproof urn, censor, or on top of a pot of sand. Place a portion of frankincense or other ingredients on top of the coal. Both will slowly smolder. Caution: Keep burning coals away from children and animals. Do not leave unattended.

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