Heliotrope Essence Oil

 soothes nerves, calming, aid in controlling anxiety

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Heliotrope Essence Oil

The Purple EcoVillage Heliotrope essence oil is uncut, alcohol free, long lasting; purely some of the best fragrance available. This high grade oil is excellent for use in aromatherapy diffusers; formulating cosmetics; freshening potpourri; massage oils; bath oil… and of course, as a perfume body oil – to smell just truly wonderful.

Aromatherapy uses & benefits: soothes nerves, calming, aid in controlling anxiety

Aroma: mildly sweet, vanilla-like

Historical facts and legends: Legend has it that the Greek god Helios (Apollo) turned the requited admirer Clytie into a flower in response to her spending all her days staring at the sun looking towards the day that Helios would return her affection. Heliotrope comes from the Greek word hēliotropion; hēlio – of or relateing to the sun and tropos – turn… its flowers’ toward the sun.

General Fragrance Oil Uses:

  • Household Freshening – Add a few drops of  Heliotrope essence oil inside the trash can, laundry wash, dryer sheet, drain, potpourri, vacuum bag filter, or on a tissue for placement in drawers and closets.

 The Fragrant Corner

Heliotrope essence oil is mildly sweet with a distinct pleasant floral over note. It sends forth calming rays of healing aromas like a rising sun.

  • Diffusing – Diffusing oil is one of the best ways to infuse the healing aromas into the atmosphere.It can be as simple as adding a few drops of oil on an upright light bulb, on a light bulb ring or in a lit candle. Other methods include using a plug-in room or car diffuser. One of the most widely used methods is using an aromatherapy oil diffuser and pendant diffuser.
  • Bath – Add a few drops of oil to running bath water and mix well before getting into the tub. Enjoy a wonderful scented bath soak.
  • Massage – Create your own massage oil scent simply add a few drops oil to 1 ounce carrier oil such as Grapeseed oil or Sweet Almond oil base. Keep away from eyes and genital areas.
  • Product Scenting – Create scented products by adding Heliotrope essence oil to un-scented base products such as shampoo, liquid soap base, body lotion base, room spray base, moisturizing body gel base.
  • …and as a fragrance perfume body oil to smell just truly wonderful.

The Value of Essence Oils
Here at the EcoVillage, over 600 oils are worked with extensively, and of these – two basic types have been found to be of great benefit. First, there are the essential oils which are pure extracts of flowers, herbs, spices and resins. They tend to be very potent, volatile, and to a certain extent medicinal in aroma. Essential oils are best used diluted in some form of carrier oil base. The EcoVillage also works with essence oil (formulated by generations of essential oil makers) which have been formulated to be worn on the skin. Essence oils in their pure form, uncut and alcohol free, are long lasting, very fragrant. Some are relaxing, others stimulating and invigorating. All are excellent for aromatherapy use. Aromas evoke feelings… and feelings rule.Observe nature, inquire of the animals as to which of their senses is most important. They will let you know that their sense of smell is most vital. Smells travel deep within. Smells can enhance or debilitate one’s outlook on life. Essence oils are pleasant lingering aromas, some last even for days.
Through experience, it has been noted here at the EcoVillage that pure, undiluted essence oils evoke pleasant atmospheres which their more potent essential oil siblings simply do not. Essential oils carry profound therapeutic value along their path of volatile potency. Essence oils carry lingering aromatic atmospheres along their path of expansiveness.
Many Paths. One Goal…
Please be aware:
One may come across unbelievably good offers for oils which may believably be a sacrifice in quality for quantity Experience quality essence oils – at truly reasonable prices.

Qualities, uses, benefits of perfume body oils

Fragrance oils are unique to each wearer – they smell a little different on each person depending on their body chemistry. Another quality is that essence oils are formulated to be long lasting – on some, the fragrance can linger even for days. Of their many benefits, the aromatherapy aspect shines forth. It is purely amazing how fragrances can affect one's mood. Some aromas are invigorating and keep one moving forward; while others are soothing and help one to calm down or sleep easy. Moreover, they can evoke fond (and sometimes not so fond) memories. Some feel right to be worn only in certain seasons or on specific occasions. Create your environment, allow the bountiful gifts inherent in the sense of smell to assist you in achieving your goals – great and small. So shine forth, give Acacia Essence Oil a try. Tester vials are available. Discover those fragrances which support your aspirations.

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    Beautifully made heliotrope essence

    I must say I was rather skeptical of anyone hawking heliotrope on the internet. I had read that most of them are just artificial fragrances or people with targeted maximal profitering touting them as having gone through a proprietary extraction process. I did read many testimonials on amazon about other manufacturer's heliotrope oils but nobody was entirely satisfied based on the reviews I saw. This oil made by you is crisp light and fragrant with no chemical residue. It smells pure and has an uplifting lingering fragrance that is delightful to the senses but not overpowering in any way. I use it to dress my bloodstone crystal for magical workings. It smells like a light vanilla essence but with pungency. I am so glad I bought it - it exceeded my expectations and will definitely be a repeat customer. The care that has gone into this product is highly evident and it is a beautfully made oil. You won't be disappointed in this heliotrope oil as it really surpasses all expectations. Thank-you for my oil I trust and respect the work you do.


    I enjoy using this oil. It has an almondy, cherry scent that is fun. The very first time I have smelled or used it and I am pleased!

    Heliotrope Oil

    I just recived my order. Thank you very much for the carefully prepared package. The Heliotrope essence oil is just simply delightful! Im really happy with it ... Thank you!

    thank you

    Thank you very much for this essence oil I am satisfied about the service,the product and the delivery(I live in Rome Italy and the bottles arrived intact).There is something special about your products.I will definitely make another order. Nadia Ebrahim

    Heliotrope oil

    Heliotrope is a very old fragrance. It has a unique aroma like no other. This oil is wonderful with a delicious fragrance. It's long lasting but not overpowering, lovely. I recommend it highly. Thank you!

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