Cardamom Essential Oil

stimulates and eases the brain, the respiratory and the digestive systems

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Cardamom Essential Oil**

(Elettaria cardomum) India
sweet, spicy aroma

Offering the finest quality therapeutic grade essential oils

** double price oil

Aromatherapy properties: stimulates and eases the brain, the respiratory and the digestive systems; warming energy brings joy and clarity to the mind, good for opening the flow of prana, or vital energy, through the body 

Cardamom essential oil is extracted from the seeds of the Cardamom plant. 

Physical Therapeutic Properties:
  • Cardamom oil is highly effective in curing muscular and respiratory spasms, thereby giving relief from muscle pulls and cramps, asthma, and whooping cough.
  • Cardamom essential oil has very strong antiseptic and antimicrobial properties, which are safe as well. If used as a mouth wash by adding few drops of this oil in water, it disinfects the oral cavity of all germs and eliminates bad breath. It can also be added to drinking water to kill the germs contained there. A mild solution in water can be used to bathe, while disinfecting the skin and hair.
  • Cardamom essential oil stimulates the entire system. This stimulating effect also boosts your spirits in cases of depression or fatigue. It also stimulates the secretion of enzymes and hormones, gastric juices, peristaltic motion, circulation, and excretion, thus maintaining proper metabolic action throughout the body.
  • Cardamom oil has a warming effect. It heats up the body, promotes sweating, helps clear congestion and coughs, while also relieving symptoms of the common cold. It also provides relief from headaches that result from illness and can be used to cure diarrhea caused by extreme cold.
Mental and Emotional Therapeutic Properties:
  • Cardamom oil can be used to compensate feelings of being emotionally overwhelmed as well as drained, which might in reality be the signs of nervous exhaustion.
  • Cardamom essential oil helps one unwind as well as strengthen one’s resolve in the face of challenges and responsibility. Cardamon oils possesse positive attributes like clarity, direction, motivation, enthusiasm, confidence, courage, as well as purpose; and counteract negative attributes just like apathy, confusion, inflexibility, intolerance, unreasonableness, sluggishness, and rigidity.

Blending: Cardamom Oil blends well with Sweet Orange, Bergamot, Cinnamon, Cloves, Caraway and Cedarwood essential oils.

Essential Oil Bottles

$4 – tester vial, $10 – green glass 5/8 dram, $12 – amber color bottle 1/8 oz., $30 – 1/3 oz. clear glass with applicator top, $36 – 1/3 oz. cobalt blue w/ dropper, $52 – 1/2 oz. amber colored bottle w/ dropper top, $140- 2 oz. amber colored bottle w/ dropper top, $120 – 1.7 oz. (50ml) cobalt blue w/ dropper, $210 – 3.4 (100ml) cobalt blue w/ dropper


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