Camphor Essential Oil

 assists in curing skin diseases, including bacterial and fungal infections of the skin

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Camphor Essential Oil

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Botanical Name: Cinnamomum camphora
Origin: China
Extraction Method: steam distillation and vacuum rectified
Part: chipped wood, root stumps and branches
Strength of Aroma: very potent
Aromatic Scent:cinnamon sulfur cedarwood-like


Aromatherapy Properties:

Camphor oil is an effective stimulant which boosts the activity of the circulatory system, metabolism, digestion, secretion and excretion systems; aids depression; sedative; invigorating.

Health Benefits

    • Camphor oil is an excellent disinfectant, insecticide and germicide. It can be added to drinking water as a disinfectant.
    • Camphor also assists in curing skin diseases, including bacterial and fungal infections of the skin. When mixed into bathing water, camphor oil disinfects the whole body externally and kills lice or other small parasites of bugs from on the body.
    • It is also beneficial in the treatment of epilepsy, hysteria, viral diseases like whooping cough, measles, flu. food poisoning, infections of the reproductive organs, and insect bites.
    • Prized ingredient in many incense blends in India due to it’s centering, meditative, cleansing properties. Excellent to diffuse into the atmosphere for meditation, disperse negativity, protection.

Suggested Uses

  • Use Camphor Essential Massage Oil to alleviate feelings of apathy and to calm nervous type depression.
  • Diffuse in your living space to create an atmosphere of above the clouds clarity – an other-worldly peace.
  • Add several drops into warm bath water to jump start mental, physical and emotion constitutions. Putting a little Epsom salt or Himalayan Crystal Salt in the bath water increases the therapeutic quality of the treatment. Himalayan Crystal Salt feeds the body with natural minerals which may not be present in one’s dietary intake.
  • Use in cold compresses to assist in the healing of bruises and sprains.
  • Add a little Chamomile essential oil for an extra boost. Relax, re-charge, release imbalances NOW.

Blending: Camphor oil blends well with Basil, Chamomile, and Lavender Oil essential oils.


Please note: Always consult a health care practitioner.




Essential Oil Bottles

$2 – tester vial, $5 – green glass 5/8 dram, $6 – amber color bottle 1/8 oz., $15 – 1/3 oz. clear glass with applicator top, $18 – 1/3 oz. cobalt blue w/ dropper, $26 – 1/2 oz. amber colored bottle w/ dropper top, $70- 2 oz. amber colored bottle w/ dropper top, $60 – 1.7 oz. (50ml) cobalt blue w/ dropper, $105 – 3.4 (100ml) cobalt blue w/ dropper


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