Bellydance Fitness for Beginners: Basic Moves & Fat Burning with Veena & Neena


Two complete workouts! Basic Moves – In this production, you will learn the basic moves needed to use belly dance for fitness. The program is easy to learn and will thoroughly exercise your body from head to toe, but is low-impact, relaxing, sensually stimulating, and fun…. Basic Moves workout may be the most pleasurable workout you have ever experienced. Fat Burning – this workout uses a variety of rhythms and tempos to raise your heart rate to the optimal level for burning calories. The variations in movement and speed will keep you at your target rate without excessive stress or exhaustion. Losing weight or maintaining a desired weight is a constant struggle, but bellydance will help you enjoy the effort. It is the perfect exercise to help you reach your goals, feel good about yourself and have fun. It is an experience you will look forward to everyday!

length 70 min. VHS tape


Weight0.5 oz
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