Ancient Tibetan Incense ~ Saffron, Holy Basil, Amber, Lemongrass

4 inch sticks, 30 sticks per box, each stick burns for about 1 hour, small holder included


New Arrivals from Nepal!

Tibetan incenses made by exiled Tibetan monks in Nepal

Offering this line of ancient incense blends acquired directly from Tibetan monasteries in Nepal. Hand rolled from carefully harvested Himalayan herbs, oils, resins, and spices. 

AMBER – aid to deep meditation, spiritualizes the intellect
LEMONGRASS – vitality, promotes strength, sunny disposition
HOLY BASIL – clarity, warming energizing effect, steadies the nerves
SAFFRON – mental alertness, allergies, fever, anxiety, headaches, coughs

Weight0.5 oz
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