Amber Phitna Sandalwood Paste Cream

10 grams


Amber phitna pure sandal cream for fragrance and skin treatment. It is a detoxifying cream for skin. Gives remedy from itches and blemishes on the skin.

10 grams. (Plastic cap is red not blue as shown in illustration).

Made in India using pure original sandalwood oil and amber resin. Gives long lasting aroma.

Amber Resins

$5.00 (5 grams) rich amber (oily, soft, sweet), $5.00 (5 grams) majestic honey amber (firm, sweet, beige), $7.00 (5 grams) premium amber (sweeter, the softest), $7.00 (5 grams) celestial amber (spicy, herbal, semi-firm)

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