Amber Essential Oil

 helps calm the mind, stimulate the libido

Starting at: $4.00

Amber Essential Oil

Origin: India | Part: Sap | Botanical Name: Pinus Succinifera

Aromatherapy Properties: Thick, dark brown, resinous, warm and smoky with an undertone of floral citrus.Promotes confidence, courage, insight, warming, focusing

Health Benefits Helps calm the mind, protect heart health, stimulate the libido.
eliminate pain, increase circulation, treat respiratory disorders, prevent inflammation.
stimulates the digestive system, settles stomach pain and gas
use topically for hair loss and to improve the health of the scalp
and detoxify the body

Aromatherapy Diffusers Place 2-3 drops of Amber essential oil in an oil diffuser to infuse the atmosphere with health filled, meditative aromas.

Massage oil and bath Using Amber Essential Massage Oil is an excellent way to carry the healing properties deep within the passages of the body.

Add a several drops into warm bath water. Putting a little Epsom salt or Himalayan Crystal Salt in the bath water increases the therapeutic quality of the treatment. Himalayan Crystal Salt feeds the body with natural minerals which may not be present in one’s dietary intake.

Add a little Geranium or Frankincense essential oil for an extra boost. Relax, re-charge, release imbalances NOW.

Blending: Blends well with: Geranium, pine, cedar wood, myrrh, frankincense, cypress, clove bud, anise seed, lemon, orange.

Essential Oil Bottles

$4 – tester vial, $10 – green glass 5/8 dram, $12 – amber color bottle 1/8 oz., $30 – 1/3 oz. clear glass with applicator top, $36 – 1/3 oz. cobalt blue w/ dropper, $52 – 1/2 oz. amber colored bottle w/ dropper top, $140- 2 oz. amber colored bottle w/ dropper top, $120 – 1.7 oz. (50ml) cobalt blue w/ dropper, $210 – 3.4 (100ml) cobalt blue w/ dropper


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